You can’t go wrong with a classic Mercedes.

Established as one of the best known – and oldest – automotive brands in the world, the Mercedes-Benz is the cream of the crop of German motoring.

The Mercedes’ superior build quality and apparent resistance to following motoring trends has made it the go-to choice for discerning motorists all over the world.

But you knew that already.

For many Benz enthusiasts, though, getting their hands on a classic Mercedes is the real dream – but the reality of such a fantasy is often met with costly price tags and seemingly unattainable motors.

However, the truth is, many classic Mercedes for sale can actually be picked up for a fairly reasonable price provided you are willing to do your research.

Read on to explore our top three classic Mercs, as we help you take one step closer to owning your dream car …

Mercedes SLC (C107)

It may not the sexiest Mercedes to look at, but the SLC is still a coupe that exudes class. Available as a full four-seater, the SLC was offered in a variety of different engine sizes over its 11 year manufacturing period. From the 3.5-litre V8 in the 350SLC to the 5.0-litre 450SLC, the SLC went on to compete, believe it or not, as a rally car. The 450SLC is particularly rare – only 1636 of them were made – but the rest can easily be picked up for under £10,000.

Mercedes SEC (W126)

Still an ever-present on our roads, the Mercedes W126 saloon looks like it could survive a nuclear blast, such is the quality of its build. Engine wise, all SECs came complete with V8s, with the 560SEC offering 300bhp from its 5.6-litre monster of an engine. You can pick up a SEC in good condition for well under £10,000, but, be warned, this car is about as sporty as the world’s fattest man after a pie eating contest.

Mercedes SL R129

Probably the sexiest car on our list, the R129 offered owners a sporty little number powered by a 5.0-litre V8 in the 500SL and, later, a V12 in the 600SL. The 500SL is perhaps more popular among collectors as it experiences less electrical issues than earlier models. Considering its status, though, older SLs can still be picked up for under £10,000, but prices are quickly appreciating so it’s worthwhile getting your hands on one as soon as possible.