Playboy bunny and cars

Cars and chicks, man i love that combinations. If there are two things in this world that turn me on, they would be represented by a powerful car with a girl driving it. Yes, it is time for another top, perhaps the most interesting untill now (at least for me). That said, let’s get to analyzing that girl, i mean cars. You know what? Better analyze the girl and the cars..hehe..

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Here we have an interesting piece of blonde “technology” from Ukraine, driving an equally interesting piece of german engineering. Playboy bunny Irina Olhovskaya (miammm..) and Mercedes-Benz G (spot) Wagen. 300-horsepower 5.0-liter V8, ultra sexy cleavage, incendiary eyes, a mix of red and black. Darth Vader seduced by a blonde lady I guess. Here’s what tells us miss rabbit about mister G: “He looks like a soldier. Handsome, straight from the shoulders”. Yep, this lady has good taste and likes soldiers.

Hey, lady I do not know if you know but I’m easier to maintain. Fueled by beer, lap dances, sexy lingerie, and steaks. Also I’m called Mr. G but can you can name me Mercedes please? Mercedes damn you, you’re always riding the beautiful chicks. What about me ?? However I can not hate you. You are a respectable car, which I’m sure would do perfectly even on the moon. Take care of that chick ass and do not go through the mud with her, unless a mud fight with chicks will happen. In that case, call me please.

Aston Martin DB9 and Bentley Continental Supersports

In that clip the blonde lust (oh Irina, will you marry me ?) shows us how we can maintain our cars clean and neat. Dressed or undressed in bikini, she offer to these cars, some sexy and wet treatment. Here’s what you have to do: buy a good shampoo, make sure you’re home alone, put Irina in the garage and gentle wash her. If you do not have Irina, you can still wash your car, but something tells me it would be more fun with Irina. I do not know what you do, but I would get dirty every day if a blonde in garage ready to take care of me, would be willing to do that. DB9 almost had a boner (lol).

Lamborghini Gallardo

Dressed in black leather Miss Irina Olhovskaya strikes again. This time she is playing with Lamborghini Gallardo, and vice versa. She tries to explain how it works with suspension, and she succeeds. Now I understood her explanation related to the ride height of the car. The conclusion drawn: It has a fantastic cleavage where I would like to sleep (Irina, not Lambo, ok? Lambo to ride, Irina to..mmhmm..ride too). As for daily driving the car, Irina concludes that it can be driven every day without problems. We agree: Irina can be driven every day.

Honda HR-V

Yep, a strange-looking car sold by Honda until 2006 in foreign markets. It seems that Irina is in love with this car and willing to show us how to prepare our automobile for heavy roads. So, gentlemen, check oil, water, brakes, tires, lights, suspensions, wheels and do not forget to take a look back at Irina’s cleavage. I wonder how this girl does not catch a cold at her lungs.. Overall an enjoyable and educational video, who can help you if you’re careless with your car.


Man, this car is a garbage from Soviet-era. Ugly, slow, clumsy and again, ugly as hell. The interior looks very much like a cave, with the exterior who can be easily confused with a stable. If Justin Timberlake had written a song dedicated to this car, would be called “The sexy gone away”. Fortunately, Irina saves the day. I do not know if she convinced someone, for me between a mule and this car there is no difference. But do not worry Irina, I still like you (by the way..will you marry me? Oh, I’ve asked you that already).