Trademarked in 1937 the Mopar brand is nowadays part of the american cult for modified cars with lots of power, and bling bling. Last year Mopar celebrated its 75th anniversary with a myriad of models revealed and plans to do the same thing in 2013. It seems to be the ideal time to analyze 5 most appealing cars modified by MOPAR.

1. Jeep Wrangler

Seen for the first time in 2011 at Frankfurt Motor Show, will turn you into a pirate captain instantly. The only missing thing? The crossbones flag. Otherwise we have it all: front and rear off-road bumpers, tail lamp guards, rock rails, grab-handles with coat hook (nice), synthetic winch line, slush mats and tonneau covers for the rear cargo. A bad boy useful for expeditions in places where no one has gone before.

2. Dodge Charger “Redline”

Presented at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, seemed to be one of the Transformers and for a while I was convinced that it is so. Mopar added almost everything you could want: an aerodynamic carbon-fiber body kit with tri-coat paint, two-piece grille and a chin spoiler. A three-piece Mopar carbon fiber rear spoiler for additional down force, a vinyl roof graphic in matte black, an serious infusion of performance parts and attitude. I love it ! Who said that earthlings can not have their own UFO’s ?

3. Jeep Compass “True North”

I do not know how it looks the Fake North but certainly know what I like at True North. Is it paint? It it the way it looks? Yup, here we have a true adventurer. 16-inch alloys and a 2-inch lift kit for more courage in rough terrain, matte black paint for the roof, wheel flares, grille and light surrounds and some gadgets inside. There you will find audio components from Kicker, pitch and roll inclinometer gauges, and balls for exploring the wilderness.

4. Chrysler 300

He will make an offer you can not refuse: 363hp 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine, high-performance brake pads, a firmer suspension, Goodyear Eagle F1 rubbers, gloss black 20-inch forged-aluminum wheels, a machine gun in the trunk and impressions of Mafia. Dangerous aspect, you will feel a Soprano while driving. Blacked-out exterior, for more dangerous and chic appearance and a sudden need for money when you see it. If you see one you want one, I would say that they have done the job very well. Who needs a Batmobile? We have Chrysler 300. Batman? do not be jealous..

5. Dodge Dart

Will be displayed at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. Gloss-black with a pair of car-length Mopar Blue stripes for exterior, 1.4-liter turbo MultiAir under the hood, front-chin spoiler, rear diffuser, one-piece deck-lid spoiler, 18-inch alloys and a lowered suspension. This car is probably expected by many. When you see it, you understand why. Has everything missing on European cars: masculine and dangerous appearance. Yes, we are men and elegance leaves us cold sometimes. We want bad cars looking poisonous and deadly. And this Dodge Dart seems to be one of the solutions. I think it would be the perfect car of a young Sith lord (hehe..).