Material LiftsMaterial lifts of all types are heavily used across pretty much every industry on the planet.  They are designed to efficiently and safely move individuals or heavy goods from one location to another.  Made of steel and aluminum, depending on if light weight models are required, they consist of a solid base which supports a vertical post and platform.

With so many types, models and brands, it can be confusing to ascertain which you need to complete your job, so hopefully this article will help you find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Industries That Use Materials Lifts


The beverage and bottling industry is enormous, with new products introduced almost daily. There are hundreds of different drinks on the market, all produced and bottled in different and attractive packaging by many companies. Worldwide, there are thousands of successful beverage companies. The beverage and bottling industry is a collection of these businesses that together supply much of the world with their product.


The brick industry plays a vital role in our building practices, cultural heritage and national economy to date and will continue to do so in the future. Architects, builders, and homeowners value brick’s performance and sustainable qualities that are adaptable to almost every style and building application. Brick industry data shows that brick is manufactured in over 160 plants located in 38 states. These plants and brickyards work around the clock and require a lot of muscle to move their product. The need for a wide variety of forklifts and material handling equipment is a necessity for completing all tasks in this industry.


The distribution industry is a key component in the success of manufacturers and their products. Without a proper distribution system in place, the manufacturer of the product can not get the goods to the consumer and the business will ultimately be doomed. One way to insure the success of the distribution system of your company is to have the right industrial equipment at your finger tips when you need it.


Grocery stores are used by everyone, from small convenience stores to huge supermarkets and they come in all sizes offering a huge range of goods and services. With such a wide variety of goods provided by grocers today, it is important that they have the proper material handling equipment needed to move there product efficiently.

Machinery Movers

Machinery movers are called upon all over the world when there’s something too heavy or to delicate to move yourself. Most will pick up, move and install equipment safely inside or outside of plants. Many times, machinery movers are required to disassemble machines completely, and erect again once moved. Machine disassembly and erection services can only be done with precise training and the right equipment for the job.


The manufacturing industry plays an enormous role in the production and distribution of goods all across the globe. From simple products such as rubber bands to the mass production of automobiles, manufacturing is important to every industry in one way or another.

Paper Roll Handling

Paper represents 50-70% of total web printing costs. Even a small reduction in paper waste can yield a significant cost saving. Heavy paper roll and industrial drum handlers are an ideal solution for companies that need to move heavy cable drums, large heavy paper rolls, and other circular objects quickly and effortlessly in an industrial environment.There are many variations of paper roll and drum handling equipment available.

Processing Mills

Processing mills are used across the globe for making new products and recycling old ones. These plants handle a large amount of raw and finished materials per day requiring a lot of muscle to be on hand.


Businesses that move a high volume of inventory in and out of their location rely on a smooth running shipping and receiving department. They are required to accept and record the movement of parts, supplies, materials, equipment and stock to and from an establishment. The correct way to get the job done in this industry is to work smarter, not harder. Working smarter includes having the right equipment for the job.


Stacking encompasses most material handling applications. Stacking allows us to conserve space while improving productivity. There are many things to consider when stacking items or pallets.

Warehousing and Shipping

Warehousing and shipping is an industry used by many other businesses and manufacturers, like wholesalers, transport, exporters and importers etc. Typically, they will unload and load materials out of vans and off trucks at their loading docks. It is not uncommon for seaports, railway stations and airports to unload and load materials and goods directly to warehouses. In which case, being able to move pallets and other heavy items with forklift trucks and cranes becomes an everyday task. To ensure a warehouse operates smoothly requires an efficient use of manpower and the right lifting equipment to ensure safety of goods and personnel.

Types of Material Lifts

Although material lifts tend to have a common functionality, i.e. safely moving heavy materials securely from point A to B, the types of material lifts are quite different when it comes to how much they can carry and their size.

Boom Lifts

Boom LiftIf you need to lift your craftsmen and products to new heights on construction and remodelling sites, then straight mast boom lifts can elevate you on the job site and articulated booms can help you get in out of the way places.

From lift heights of 45 feet to 150 feet, from 2WD slab scissors to and 4WD rough terrain scissors and booms, there are many models to consider for your application. There are units that are specialized for specific jobs such as installing glass and welding up in the air.

One of newest product groups are Teupen high reach crawler boom lifts. Teupen provides some of the most efficient height access solutions in the industry. For higher access jobs, maintenance contractors, builders and facility managers often have to rely on time-consuming solutions like scaffolding and high-reach rough terrain lifts that often can not fit through the doors where the equipment is needed.

Teupens are built using innovative designs and very light materials that distribute their weight well over the rubber track chassis which allows Teupen aerial lifts to access areas with load restrictions or sensitive surfaces. The track system also enables the lift to be maneuvered into tight spaces where it can be safely positioned to the inch.

Tilt Tables

Tilt TablesEfficient, rugged, and heavy duty tilt tables have unlimited applications. Used for dumping materials into hoppers. It is also used to reduce operator fatigue in removal of components from deep crates, welding operations, etc.

Lift Tables

They reduce labor cost by simplifying methods of sheet feeding, and other industrial handling operation where dependability and service are a must

Numerous options, such as conveyors, turn tops, safety skirts, portability units and many others are available. Special arrangements (multiple units in tandem wide or long) are manufactured to meet specific requirements.