Jib CraneThe jib crane is a great option for a versatile, inexpensive and effective crane. It is composed of a boom (horizontal beam) that then supports a movable hoist. Its design is such that it can be mounted to the wall, to a truck or freestanding. They are commonly found on industrial premises, docks and even attached to military vehicles. Some of the top brands include Gorbel, Vestil and Crane Equipment and Service (CES).

Jib cranes provide a convenient lift option. They can vary from a small wall mount that lifts around 50 pounds, to a floor mount that can lift up to 5 tons. They are effective for a number of uses.

Types of Jib Crane

Jib cranes are manufactured for a variety of applications and in many designs, types and sizes. One jib crane model that is suitable for one type of job will not be the best crane for another job. So when buying a jib crane you have to choose carefully and buy the most appropriate crane available in the market. Otherwise you will be wasting your money, time and resources trying to get a job done using the wrong tool. Selecting the best commercial jib crane type for your business or requirements is easy when you understand the different specifications and features.

Structural Beam Jib Crane – Suitable For Most Applications

The structural beam jib crane design is suitable for most applications. This jib crane design is a versatile and heavy duty crane and can be a free standing beam crane or insert mounted jib. They can be used to perform tasks beneath large bridges and gantry cranes and therefore they are often used in dock loading and assembly production areas.

There are several types of structural beam jib cranes available and they also come as light duty cranes for smaller tasks saving money and power as well as the regular heavy duty jibs.

Workstation Jib Cranes – Economical And Versatile Cranes

Industry leading jib crane manufacturers like Spanco and Gorbel offer freestanding and wall cantilever workstation jib cranes that are lighter than traditional cranes and easy to install and use in work places.

These workstation jib cranes are lighter than the traditional options and less expensive than a structural beam crane. They are also easy to install as they can also be bolted into place directly without foundations. Perfect for working in a circular area, and manufacturers like Gorbel make some great quality workstation jibs with 100 pounds to 1000 pounds crane lifting capacity.

Moving Loads with Articulating Jib Cranes

When you want to shift loads around corners and columns or reach into containers and machinery, articulating jib cranes is your ideal crane partner. Manufactured in all types of designs like freestanding, bridge mounted, wall mounted, and ceiling mounted, these articulating jib cranes can reach things other cranes can’t. You can also find articulating jibs that span about 15 feet and rotate 360 degrees, very versatile.

Save Money With No Footing Jibs Or Foundation-less Jib Cranes

Sometimes foundations for cranes can cost as much or more than the crane itself, so foundation-less jib designs are a very useful speciality industrial crane type. These no footing jibs can save you a lot of money while providing the same service as a jib crane with a foundation. Plus no foundation for the crane means they are easy to move from location to location and save money installing again.

Brands and Manufacturers

When looking for the right brand, there are a number to choose from. Some of the top brands include Gorbel, Vestil and CES. Gorbel cranes has been around since the late 1970s, where they started out specializing in this area and are now one of the top manufacturers. Vestil cranes is a large manufacturer in Indiana, making it a great distributor to the industrial sector. CES consolidated a number of manufacturers, which includes Abell-Howe.