Founded in 2014, Motor Industry began life as a magazine which explored the less-trodden paths of automotive storytelling. Seeing cars as an extension of human being’s capability to roam freely within the realms of our physical world, we also see the car industry’s intertwined relationship with society from a cultural and geopolitical perspective.

With the launch of our website in 2016, we aim to be the first comprehensive online car information guide. We are a team of journalists with a passion for what we love and a desire to share it with others, so as to help them find the perfect car, truck or automobile.

The plan is simple, write about what we love and provide useful information for others to make informed buying decisions, or maybe, just to read entertaining articles about what drives them!

We are endeavouring to bring to life everyones dream of having a unified car research, comparison, and buying and selling marketplace, all under one roof.

As the internet in general lasers in on the focus of serving all American and Canadian car buyers, will return to one that will particularly explore the less-trodden paths of automotive storytelling, as an editorial galleria for owners of fine automobiles.

Editor – Tim Fallon

tim fallon editorAs someone who appreciates cars not just for their horsepower value but also for their cultural significance, he is interested in the art of manufacturing and selling cars just as much as driving them. Prior to swapping spread sheets for a word processor, he spent his previous life in product planning and market research.

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. – Henry Ford

This quote from Henry Ford is how I try to live my life, live and learn is another way of putting it and I try to improve my writing and skills, one article at a time.  I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.